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    The Foundation for Art and Blockchain provides grants and other support to people and projects working at the intersection of blockchain and creativity.

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  • We launched in May, 2018 by Codex Protocol, a registry for valuable collectibles using blockchain technology.


    The Foundation for Art and Blockchain was established to spread the word about art and blockchain. It’s mission is to support artists who are responding to one of the most monumental technologies of our age; blockchain.

  • What We Do


    Providing the resources artists need to push the creative potential of blockchain technology


    Bridging the gap between art and technology through exhibitions, auctions, and gallery spaces


    Improving the public's understanding of blockchain technology and showcasing its creative potential

  • If you made a symbiotic union between digital money and digital art, would the two forms mutually reinforce one another? [...] My belief was yes it would.

    – Benton C. Bainbridge (2017)

  • Dogethereum Bridge


    The first project backed by The FAB is the Dogethereum Bridge, a public art initiative that fosters collaboration between communities and technologies

  • For centuries, artists have been at the forefront of bringing burgeoning technologies to the public’s attention. They interact, critique and utilize the latest in technological developments to create art that allows society to engage with the most topical innovations in the industry.


    Blockchain technology offers a multitude of benefits for artists and the art market. Utilization of smart contracts on the blockchain promises, for the first time, a registry of ownership that will aide in authenticating and increasing the value of artworks. The technology can help artists secure fractional ownership of their artworks and continue to receive financial benefits as their works are sold; far surpassing the existing systems in place.

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